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Nano Sensor Systems S.R.L (alias NASYS S.R.L) is an innovative start-up, founded in October 2016 and registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Brescia.

The purpose of NASYS is to develop and market innovative products and services with high technological value, and more specifically to develop, produce, manage and market chemical sensors and systems of high tech sensors based on nanotechnology and advanced materials.

The vision is to quickly become a leader in the field of sensors and be hotbed of innovation, ideas and growth for young talent, acting as a reference point for businesses, universities and research centres.

The NASYS’ team, led by prof. Giorgio Sberveglieri, is made of five people with longstanding recognized experience in the sensor field and complementary know-how.



A selection of recent European Projects where the members of NASYS srl were Partners or Coordinators. (Conference poster)

  • FP7, SEC-2012.3.4-4 “Sniffer for concealed people discovery ” (SNOOPY) 1/1/2014 to 31/12/2016. Partners: Giorgio Sberveglieri UNIBS Coordinator , CNR-INO SENSOR Lab (CNR), University of Rome Tor Vergata (UTOV), AIRBUS group (AIRBUS), C-TECH Innovation Ltd. (C-Tech), Center for Security Studies (KEMEA).
  • FP7-NMP-2009-LARGE-3 “Oxide Materiale Towards a Matured Post-Silicon Electronics Era” (ORAMA) 1/10/2010-30/09/2014. Partners: Univ. of Brescia, OSRAM, Fraunhofer, UNINOVA, FORTH, UCAM, JLU, Univ. Cambridge, TNO, CRFIAT. Giorgio Sberveglieri UNIBS Partners
  • FP7 NMP-2009-1.2-3 Nanotechnologies – coordinated call with Russia (S3) “Surface ionization and novel concepts in nano-MOX gas sensors with increased Selectivity and Stability for detection of low concentrations of toxic and explosive agents” Giorgio Sberveglieri SENSOR CNR Coordinator project started on Sept. 1st
  • FP6 Priority 2 (WoundMonitor) 1/2006-12/2008 Mobile system for non-invasive wound state monitoring. Main partners: Univ. Manchester (UK-RES), Biodiversity SRL, (I-IND), Umwelt-Systemtechnik GmbH (D-IND) Giorgio Sberveglieri UNIBS Partners
  • FP6 Priority 3 “Nano-structured solid-state gas sensors with superior performance” (NANOS4) 1/1/2004 to 1/03/2007 – Giorgio Sberveglieri SENSOR CNR Coordinator. Partners: EADS (IND–D), VAI (IND-FI) , SAL (IND-I), SACMI (IND-I) , AOA (IND–D), UB (UNI–E), IMM-CNR (RES-I) , FhG-IPM (RES-D) , INPG (UNI-F)
  • FP5 IST “Advanced gas sensing Technology for portable applications of low power gas sensors” (ADVANTAGAS) 1/1/2002 to 31/12/2005. Giorgio Sberveglieri UNIBS Partners



Our business idea is based on the commercialization of a breaking sensing technology, called Small Sensor System (S3), a new concept developed from the know-how and the research carried out at the Sensor Lab of the Department of Information Engineering, University of Brescia. The S3 technology has been secured by both patents and prototypes developed during the last two years.

Why NASYS? There is today a great interest for the development of simple, rapid, effective and non-destructive techniques for in-line monitoring of any kind of process by using chemical or biological information. Recent developments in gas sensors research have allowed the development of tools that mimic the human sense of smell, also known as Olfactory Electronic Systems or Electronic Noses. The particularity of EN systems is to allow the recognition of odours from the identification of its olfactory fingerprint but not analysis of its chemical composition.

The sensors are the core of our S3 system that must meet very specific criteria which can be summarized as: high sensitivity to volatile chemical compounds; low sensitivity to moisture; high stability and reproducibility and easily interpretable output signals. The S3 is based on Metal Oxide Semiconductor sensor technology (MOX), the most promising in the world in terms of performance, energy consumption, reliability and costs.

The distinctive innovative nature of the S3 system relies on two aspects:

1) the sensors based on MOX nano-wire technologies which are unique in the world,

2) the algorithms that make it a "smart system." To date NASYS is the only company in the sector can produce and offer tailor-made systems on the market for the end user. Potential customers will benefit from a high performance technology can work at low-limit detection and provide an answer in the fastest times than conventional techniques. The technology is transversal to many fields of application, which ranges from the food production industry, to security and to discovery of concealed people for border control.

The commercialization of the Electronic Noses S3 based on Metal Oxide Nanowires Gas Sensors (like : NWs SnO2, NWs ZnO NWsTiO2 and other several MOX) will start from January 2018, but you can ask right now info and quotes by the Contact form.

Please specify the scope in which you are interested because NASYS is a unique company able, to prepare an EN entirely dedicated to the customer applications.

The first series of the NASYS S3 product


Nano Sensor Systems s.r.l.

Headquarter: via Branze, 38 25123 Brescia - Italy

Legal Address: via Brozzoni, 9 25125 Brescia - Italy


Phone: +39 335 3950050, +39 030 3715771

You can find a few questions below to try to understand your prospects or interests 

Application area of Electronic Nose S3: 

  • Food safety on - line control
  • Food freshness and self life
  • Identification of raw food material
  • Food packaging
  • Surveillance of industrial processes
  • Classification of water quality
  • Detection of explosive or toxic compounds
  • Classification of indoor environment quality
  • Test on human sweat for medical information
  • Others……… 

Which application of NASYS nanowires sensors on your instruments and equipment 

  • Automate processes by recognizing materials
  • Automatize equipment : ………
  • Others…… 

Test on your materials and devices

  • Gas sensors
  • Metal oxide electrical properties
  • Others……

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Nano Sensor Systems s.r.l.

Headquarter: via Valotti, 7 25123 Brescia - Italy

Legal Address: via Brozzoni, 9 25125 Brescia - Italy


Phone: +39 335 3950050, +39 030 3715771

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